STS Trailheads

Trail Head Map

All trailheads except the Williams Farm are on state forest or state park land. The Williams Farm is on private land where parking is available in a field next to the barn by permission of the owner.

The trailheads (large marker on map) on public land have developed parking areas. It is recommended that backpackers leave their vehicles at one of these. The access points (small marker on map) are informal and have room for only a few vehicles. They are more suitable for day use. The cabin at Cherry Springs Tower is leased to a Boy Scout troop. West Branch and Big Springs are state forest leased campsite colony areas, each with several cabins. Dead Pig is the location of a few more campsites. Please do not block the driveway to any camp without permission of the camp lessee.

Some road crossings of the trail have parking room for one or two vehicles, but have not been designated trailheads. Other road crossings have no parking area at all.

You can obtain a detailed map, and the trailheads and road crossings in the Trail Gear section of this website, under equipment.