An old fallen log that's seen better days.

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Spring is coming...

With the warmer weather, we're itchin' to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Our calendar is picking up activities daily, so be sure to check back often for something to do.

Member Pat Child's is putting together this season's hike schedule. Right now she's looking for two things Those who are looking for hiking/walking partners and those who have sections yet to hike before completing the entire circuit.

If this is you, please contact Pat at or 585.593.4077, let her know where you'd like to go if you have any ideas, or what you like to see while hiking, what type of terrain you prefer, and when you're available, and she'll get something on the schedule for you.

The snow is melting away...

Just a few more weeks and the trails will be calling out to us. We've already got a few challenging projects on the schedule for our trail crews. We will need any and all the assistance we can get. Everything from the little ones helping to reblaze the trail, to the strong and ambitious running power tools to get the path clear. EVERYONE'S ASSISTANCE IS WELCOME!

we have ambitious plans to stay ahead of our challenging areas as well as trying to reclaim overgrown trail, all while building new connector trails. If you're interested in helping out on any of our trail crews, please contact let us know by emailing Bill at or call Bill at 814-274-7529.